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** SEE Results will be available once
the National Examination Board (NEB) makes the result public.

SEE Results 2078 Online - FAQs

When will my SEE Results 2077/2078 be published?

There is no official notice for the SEE Result 2077/2078 by National Educational Board yet. However, as per previous dates and trend, SEE Results 2078 might be published in Asar.

Can I view the SEE results of your friends?

Of course, you can see the SEE results of other candidates. All you need is the symbol number for the candidate.

How would my result appear entering my data on the site?

If the symbol number has been entered correctly, you will receive the SEE Result 2077/78 with GPA grade after the result is officially announced by NEB.

How can I view SEE result 2077/2078 via eKantipur?

Go to Fill up the required details and you'll get your results in seconds after it is announced by NEB.

Grading System and Points used on Marksheet

SN Percent (%) Grade Description Grade Point
1. 90 to 100 A+ Outstanding 4.0
2. 80 to below 90 A Excellent 3.6
3. 70 to below 80 B+ Very Good 3.2
4. 60 to below 70 B Good 2.8
5. 50 to below 60 C+ Satisfactory 2.4
6. 40 to below 50 C Acceptable 2.0
7. 30 to below 40 D+ Partially Acceptable 1.6
8. 20 to below 30 D Insufficient 1.2
9. 0 to below 20 E Very Insufficient 0.8